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Biophysics 586N: Introduction to Neuromorphic Engineering


Entrepreneurial mindset tool
I found the mindset described in the box on the first page very similar to the one I get into when I start a new complicated project. So, I thought, if you need a confidence boost, you might want to take a look at this.

The elevator pitch 1

The elevator pitch 2
I know this may sound cheesy, but I find the Entrepreneurial elevator pitch very useful in boiling my ideas down to the real meat. When you just carry an idea around, it may be fuzzy. Behind the unknowns, it is not always apparent that you do not have a plan. Giving 60-second elevator pitches to my friends really helps me get rid of the fluff and define the main goals of my project and a plan of execution. The links here will take you to an entirely entrepreneurial-oriented elevator pitch suggestions. There'll be a lot of talk about money and selling. Just substitute those with "knowledge" and "uses of your research results in industry and medicine".

Idea bounce
Another way to generate a well-formulated idea without fluff. I especially like the recommendations in the left side of the table. Focus on solution and how it is unique, not how it works. No technical jargon, plain English. Yep, that's how I do it, every day.

Two-cool assignment
This is an "innovative teaching tool" presented at a conference in entrepreneurial education. Pedagogic games aside, I like using the format for my own benefit. I actually do walk around thinking of new cool ideas. This weekend I poked around our local junk yard for more sheet aluminum and found a remote control for a TV. It has an IR-emitting diode, some circuitry to modulate emission and a bunch of buttons. Unfortunately, all components are soldered onto a pcb, so not very useful for us. But it got me thinking and now I know where to look for ideas on IR emission control and receiving, so I can create interesting signals for a robot to follow: documentation for remote control hardware. It may be inapplicable to our problems, but it'll be a start. Stop laughing, I'm serious :-D!